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about emily

"still under construction..... true story" ~ Emily Wolff 

Born in Dorset 1987, armed from birth with a keen eye for detail Emily taught herself from a young age to draw and paint, the interest was always there. Through books and trips to galleries to study the works of the old masters she honed her skills in the absence of a formal art education.

"I sometimes think I developed sideways, I never did fit anywhere in particular though I tried my hand at and have been many things in my time, stop motion animator, guitarist/vocalist in a punk band, vaudeville dancer, silversmith/jewellery designer/maker before coming full circle, settling back into my first true love in the arts, painting."

Emily has sold works internationally since her mid 20's, gaining much interest since competing in Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the year 2014 

Currently she is producing works in the medium of egg tempera, using psychological realism and her darkly offbeat sense of humour to try to capture just what it is to be human.  

Awards & Nominations:


Competed in the first heat of Sky Arts Portrait Artist of The Year 2014 Painted Sol Campbell

Competed in the seventh heat of Sky Arts Portrait Artist of The Year 2019 Painted Jodie Comer