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about emily

"still under construction..... true story" ~ Emily Wolff 

"In a nutshell I was born in Dorset, 1987 and I still call it home. For the most part I'm self taught with no formal art education just an obsession with the arts, a keen eye and hunger to learn, I hope I never stop discovering new ways to see the world around me."


Emily has sold works internationally since her mid 20's, gaining much interest since competing in Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the year 2014 and 2019.

Currently she is producing works in the medium of egg tempera, using psychological realism and her dark, offbeat sense of humour to try to capture just what it is to be human.  

Awards & Nominations:


Competed in the first heat of Sky Arts Portrait Artist of The Year 2014 Painted Sol Campbell

Competed in the seventh heat of Sky Arts Portrait Artist of The Year 2019 Painted Jodie Comer


Winner of a Karin Walker Young Artists Award in the Society of Women Artists 2020 Exhibition

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