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 What World Do You Live In?

2018 I set myself a challenge to paint more portraiture, I have been doing this by combining another interest of mine, psychology and personality analysis. According to the writings of Carl Jung and the theories of MBTI and socionics there are 16 personality types, we all fall into one of these, our characters can be defined, behaviours predicted, even our faces can give away aspects of our personality traits. Whilst painting I often listen to different subject matter on the topic, I find it intriguing.... its arguable that there's not much more in it that the teachings of the Zodiac ....... but it seems scarily accurate enough to give it some stock and delve a little deeper into ..... what's your type?

So this project itself will be a long running thing I do between others .... it takes as long as it takes..... but as I intend to paint 12 portraits of each of the 16 types thats going to be 192 portraits overall ..... it will take a while .... these are all small paintings, done in egg tempera on board. I'm gathering the portraits from volunteers in MBTI forums but also from people who happen to find me, so if you know what your type preference is and want in on the project feel free to send me a message. I hope to do an exhibit of all of the portraits eventually before either selling the collection as a whole or splitting it and selling them off individually... we will see what happens..... I also have a studio to build 

You can also follow this projects progress on my instagram and see timelapses of all the paintings in progress, hit the link at the bottom of my page.

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